Light Language Gallery

“Your Soul’s essence sings true beauty and light for others.”

~Message from Beings of Light

“Jenny is an Amazing and Accurate Psychic Medium. She has a warm confident Aura that makes you feel that you are surrounded in Unconditional Love.”


This message came through with this Soul Code… “You are on a trajectory of Inner Love, rooted in harmony.”
In addition to a condensed message, a longer recorded channeled message is always part of a Soul Code session.

“How do I get a

Soul Code?”

Your Soul-Code session includes 30 minutes of drawing & channeling the Light-messages from your Guides, Angels, and Soul-Origins Beings of Light.

Your Soul-Code drawing gives you a sense of direction and deep comfort because it emanates the frequency of Light that your Soul resonates with. That resonance opens your super-conscious, allowing you to embrace the beautiful being you know you truly are. Your Soul-Code can even help you make big life decisions and draw more loving support into your life as you absorb strength and resilience from its Energy.

What’s included in a Soul-Code session?
Your Soul-Code drawing as a digital image in a vibrant color, a recording of the session, and a written message from your Light-Being helpers.

When will I get the reading?
You will receive a digital gift certificate with instructions on how to schedule the Soul-Code Session any time within 12 months of purchase.

“Thank you so much for another beautiful session Jenny!!”

~ Camilla

“Thank you for everything.

It was a real pleasure to work with you.
Look forward to seeing you in New Zealand some time.”


~Love Lyn

“My mind is completely blown in this moment.” ~Randelle

“I feel so blessed to have met Jenny. In basically only one session she has supported me in releasing blocks/pain, that I have “carried” for years. As well as, shared vital practices in order to enhance my connection with the Universe, and my Intuition. I see, and feel practical powerful changes. Her kind, loving, generous spirit fosters healing. In Love, and Gratitude”


“Jenny is an amazing soul! She is pure love and light and very talented at seeing and connecting to the universe. So worth every penny …love this lady!”

~ Barbara

“Jenny, I’ve never known anyone like you before. I guess you could take that different ways. What I mean is, not only your inner gifts being so very brilliant, but your remarkable…humbleness. You have related to me as if I am a dear sister of yours. As if I am a loved one. This alone is immeasurably healing for me. I really thank you for [sharing with me] about realizing my true potential. I am beginning to fully embrace, “the immense power I am in the light”, as you so beautifully put it. Yes, I needed to hear that. Here I am pinching myself again. Something so, so, so familiar…and yet dreamlike. I do know that I am waking up to the light within me. And I’ll always have a place for you in my heart for making this journey with me.”


Light Code Art Align Your Light
Light Code Art Align Your Light

“Thank you Jenny! I’m grateful for your help, you helped me understand my conditions, and how to move forward with my healing journey. ”

~ Troy
 Seattle, WA

“I just love all the words & descriptions you use.” ~Laura

Thanks Jenny. Our [Healing] session led me to a chiropractor in Lynnwood who is fixing my headaches
Take care, Jan

“Resistance is a result of fighting against the flow of energy. It is the point at which suffering manifests.”

~ Jenny Jo

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