Aligning Your Light is a Journey

In 8 Weeks I can help you…

  • Heal Hidden Trauma Patterns
  • Cleanse & Align Your Chakras
  • Activate Your Soul Path

Soul-Level Psychic Readings

Ask me anything…
  • Life Transitions
  • Loved Ones Who’ve Passed On
  • Attachments & Soul Contracts
  • Past-Lives
  • Starseed Soul Origins

Balance Your Energy & Emotions

Clairvoyant energy healing for your
whole being…
  • Prepare & Recover from Surgery
  • Resolve Physical Symptoms & Pain
  • Stop Unhealthy Life-Patterns

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*Working with Jenny is the best investment I have ever made in myself!

Each session has felt like a journey into self discovery. I felt held in the highest form of love and compassion possible, which allowed me to fully release all the old attachments, stories that no longer served me and baggage that were keeping me from living my fullest, highest potential.

Jenny gently peeled away all the old layers so I could feel my true self and move forward in all aspects of my life with deep inner clarity. The results of this work continue to benefit me on a daily basis as I use my new framework of worthiness to base all my life’s decisions on.

The Align Your Light Journey exercises and meditations are a wealth of information and wonderful resources I always have access to when I need additional support. One of my favorites is the Earth Bath Meditation, which I do regularly before bed to help me feel deeply grounded, supported, and peaceful.

*Jenny is always reminding us to feel gratitude while doing this work and the deepest gratitude I have is for Jenny herself, as one of the most incredible beings I have ever met.

~ Leah

Who Are My Clients?

I work with truly amazing women who are Highly Sensitive, Intuitive, Empathic, Old Souls & Starseeds… Women who are drawn to the healing arts, who are feeling the call to embrace their inner knowing and live in alignment with their values.

Although my clients are often highly successful and appear to “have it all together” on the outside, they still feel held back from their true potential by childhood trauma, health issues and a frustrating feeling of being “blocked.”

In over 20 years helping clients heal their physical pain & mystery symptoms, I have discovered that there is nearly always an emotional component lurking below the surface. I have also learned how important it is to completely resolve the traumatic experiences that lock our emotions into our bodies & our beliefs. Simply knowing what happened isn’t enough… we need to heal the causes of our suffering in order to be free of the traumas that bind us.

I have seen some truly magnificent transformations in my clients of all ages (from 7 year old Sequoia to 70 years young Susan) and I can tell you for sure that there is hope, true love is actually within your reach and you are allowed to be happy.

I believe in your brilliance…

xo Jenny

I didn’t know what to expect from your 8-week Healing Journey, but I jumped right in and WOW! I didn’t realize I needed healing, but now I feel SO MUCH BETTER!

It amazes me how much crap I was carrying around from my past and how my mind and body had adapted to it all so that I appeared to be ‘normal’. You opened the way for me to move forward. You gave me the tools I needed to jump off the edge and get started on my intuitive work – the livelihood that I know is going to be great for me. You also gave me tools to move forward in the rest of my life in a positive way – you gave me self-confidence!

This should be a part of EVERYBODY’S LIFE! Thank you!


"I felt the amazing gratitude and connection to all." ~Laura

What makes you different from other “Clairvoyant Healers” and “Intuitive Skills” Teachers?

Although I use Reiki Energy during one-on-one healing sessions and am gifted at investigating specific physical discomforts with my Medical Intuitive skills, you really have me as a Soul-Seer and Connection expert – Connecting you to YOU – your whole Soul Self activated with Angelic Codes of Light Language and channeled messages that come through just for you.
In my experience, the mind, body & Spirit actually ARE inseparable. Each aspect of our selves must come into alignment as a whole, so I simultaneously work in multiple “layers” of the Energy body & with multidimensional Beings of Light to Activate the Light Flow through Light Language Codes and messages, and to find and restore your pathways to complete and permanent healing of your whole being. Clearing unhealthy past-life agreements, energy cords, Spirit attachments, eliminating dis-empowering thought processes, and cleaning up the emotional and physical discomforts from this life, PLUS re-aligning you with your Soul Origins and Soul Path is what I do every day. Additionally, there are all sorts of UP-leveling Activations that come through this healing work, which you are in charge of – to expand them or not – you get to choose. All of that combined is what will get you the results you seek – the freedom to live in total alignment with your True Brilliance! What that means to you is that you get a results-oriented-Psychic-Empowerment-Guide meets Clairvoyant-Medical-Intuitive-Healing-Consultant.
I’m dedicated to your success in learning the Intuitive Skills you were born to embrace and to assisting you in reaching your whole-Soul healing goals as quickly and safely as possible. Because of my strong boundaries within the Spiritual Realm, you’ll always be protected and surrounded in unconditional love.
I’m concerned with how to get you FREE  – to help you STOP struggling and losing your energy and your power to people and situations that are sucking you dry, and to get you focused on ENJOYING your Beautiful Self & a life you really LOVE!

Disclaimer: Any information that may be found anywhere on this site is not presented as a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute for medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis.
I believe in the power of complementary healing and always encourage seeking the advice of a medical professional in a timely manner.  Do not delay seeking medical advice because of anything you may have read or videos you have seen on