What is the Align your Light Journey all about and why did you create it?

What Exactly Does The Journey Include?

  • 3 Private Past-life Healing Sessions (or choose full-service 8 Private Sessions)
  • 8 Chakra Healing Sessions
  • 8 Audio Meditations
  • 8 Printer-friendly Meditation Coloring Sheets
  • Manifesting Activation Techniques
  • Mind-Loop Re-Set Tools
  • Empowering Thinking Prompts
  • Connect with Angels & Guides
  • Expand your Intuition & Guidance
  • Bonus: Self-Esteem Building Mini-Courses
  • Bonus: Video Tutorials
  • Bonus: Journeying Meditations
  • Weekly Live Q&A Group Discussions
  • Private Facebook Group ~ Inspiration & Support

Jenny, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart…this Healing Journey has kept me from losing my sanity after dealing with so much fear and anxiety.  I thank you for all your support and the support of the entire group!


Is this Journey a good fit for me?

Step 1: Let’s find out…
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What is the Align your Light Journey all about and why did you create it?

The Align Your Light Journey is an 8–week inner-happiness online course for Intuitive Women that includes…

>> Deep Healing of our 3 pasts: this life’s past, our past lives & our ancestral genetically inherited past to remove the energy that hijacks your brain patterns & blocks your happiness
>> Private Sessions to remove unhelpful Energy Attachments and address your specific life concerns
>> Video Tutorials & Audio Meditations to teach you exactly how to keep your energy aligned with your purpose
>> Complete Emotional Re-alignment of the Chakras to release old, tightly bound patterns & put you in control of your feelings
>> Mind-loop Reset Tools help you form new brain neuron pathways to support your happiness
>> Physical Healing through the Energy Body is a natural by-product of healing past trauma, plus… your self-healing intelligence is activated during each weekly healing session 🙂
>> Higher-knowing, Life-path Clarifying & Intention-setting through the Light Body is specifically woven into each meditation & healing session to attract all the goodness that has been desperately trying to connect with you!
>> And the Best Part… opening more fully to the eternal flow of Unconditional Love and deeply anchoring that connection so that it becomes fully integrated with your Light-vibration, protecting you and aligning you with all that you desire.

Thank you Jenny. 
I am feeling more centered and clear. 
Your readings are powerful and healing. 
Your gift is truly a blessing.

All my best, Thena

Why Heal Ancestral & Past-Life Events?


Healing trauma from our past goes beyond this current lifetime. There are 3 “pasts” we all have – this life’s past, our genetically inherited ancestral past, and past lives. These pasts inform our thoughts, feelings, and actions in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways.

Have you ever wondered if certain fears you have are carried over from your past-lives? How would it feel to not be controlled by those fears any more? Or what about the trauma passed down to you genetically? I have followed family trauma in clients all the way back to the Garden of Eden! One of the amazing benefits of clearing ancestral trauma is that not only does the past get cleaned up, the trauma seems to clear “forward,” too – so future generations are also free!

The other interesting affect I’ve noticed about past-life and ancestral trauma is that it seems to really want to be cleared. Because of that desire for resolution, the energy of the trauma event draws similar situations and experiences to you in this life, too. Not to make you miserable, but to show you where your energy needs to be healed.

One of my biggest pet-peeves is when Gurus say, “just let it go!” Truly, if you knew how to “let it go” you would have done it already.

No one wants to hang on to trauma.

It isn’t your fault that your energy is stuck, that you have PTSD, or anxiety.

You just haven’t had the right combination of support, empowerment, love, acceptance, soothing, past-life and ancestral healing with all the tools and encouragement you have needed. 

Get on the phone with me ~ I’m here for you.


Are You Good at Manifesting On Purpose?

I suspect you are an intelligent, intuitive woman, just like me. So, if you’ve been wondering why you keep attracting bad relationships, debt, or unfulfilling jobs… we need to talk!

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“I just wanted to tell you that I did the “Anchoring into Love” meditation for the third time. I do many of these more than once so that I can really sink into them.
Somewhere about 3/4 way through it, perhaps it was my third eye, but there was an opening in the center of my forehead and so many things poured in I can’t even describe. The Align Your Light Journey meditations are so helpful! Thank you for all that you are showing me. It is reminding me of things I have known in other lives.”

Sending love to your healing soul.

❤️🙏❤️ KY

Align Your Light Gratitude

Why is the Align your Light Journey focused on Women?

I am focusing this work on women’s healing needs because on the whole, we hold the deepest trauma. Women have endured thousands of years of being controlled by men, and until very recently we were owned by men, too. Additionally, we hold the children. From conception to birth, every human on this planet is bathed in the energy of women. Consider the impact of our collective trauma. Now consider the impact of our collective healing, and empowerment, and sense of safety. We are powerful beings and we can change the energy patterns of our past stuck emotional energy. We can change the energy patterns of our combined consciousness for ourselves and for the future of humanity, into love.
You are worthy of  8 weeks in the Align Your Light Journey.
Start here ~ https://AlignYourLight.as.me/FreeChat to schedule a free chat so I can answer your questions and help you succeed.

How does the Collective Consciousness of Humanity fit into all of this?

You are part of a bigger movement

In addition to the impact of past trauma on ourselves, there is also a profound effect on the collective consciousness of humanity. We store our collective emotions in flows of consciousness that we all feel on some level, whether we are aware of it or not. The good news is, as we heal our own personal trauma, that resolving of fear, anxiety, suppression and discord has a deeper positive ripple effect within the collective consciousness flow. So, by doing our own deep healing work, we become allies for the relief of suffering in our current global reality and for future generations. Win-win!

"I felt the amazing gratitude and connection to all." ~Laura

Is a Clean Light-Body the Key to Manifesting?

We all know about manifestation. We have been taught that in order to be successful we have to align our thoughts, feelings and actions to the things we want to manifest. But, have you noticed how hard that is? I have!

The Big Question…

WHY is it so hard to get/do/be the things we want?

Lots of Gurus say manifesting is simple, and some people find it simple, but for most of us it is complicated! If it actually were simple to manifest the life we want, we would all be experts at it. Am I right?

These are the 6 secrets I have discovered from my many years of Medical Intuitive, Energy Body and Light Body Healing Practice, about WHY MANIFESTATION DOESN’T WORK the way we want it to. 

1) There is invisible trauma locked inside us that can be very difficult to resolve… becasue it is hidden!
2) Trauma in this life is often rooted in the invisible trauma from our genetic ancestry and our past lives. 
3) Trauma from the hidden past shows up in this life in order to show us where we need healing & resolution (no, it isn’t just to make us miserable!) 
4) Trauma from the hidden past energetically attracts similar situations to us because the energy vibrations are a match. (like attracts like) 
5) The key to manifesting what we ACTUALLY want is to be in control of our thoughts & feelings, which are influenced by our Energy Signature.
6) The key to being in control of our Energy is to RESOLVE PAST-LIFE & HIDDEN TRAUMA.

In order to manifest what you really want in this life, you must resolve the energy of past trauma. The good news is… it WANTS resolution!

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