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~Jenny Jo

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Release Entangled Energy

Free Self-Healing Tutorial – Cleanse your Chakras, Energy Field & Aura to Release Entangled Energy. 

Sometimes we get really bogged down by external energy that tangles up our own Energy Field. Use this Light Code by visualizing or feeling its vibration in each layer of your Energy Field. Invite the resonance of this code to untangle those foreign energies.

Having trouble doing this on your own? I’m here to help! 

Get on the phone with me https://AlignYourLight.as.me/FreeChat and we’ll schedule a free chat to find out what’s getting in your way and how to resolve it.

How to choose a Clairvoyant Healer you can trust

Spiritual and Energy Healers are unregulated, so how do you know who to trust? 

What should an Energy Healer do to keep the energy exchange clean and clear?

This video explains exactly which certifications and “psychic hygiene” practices I feel are important to keep clients safe and also keep healers healthy!

What does Pluto have to do with Kyanite?

Kyanite can help you with manifestation because it is a powerful clearer of negativity and stuck energies. 

Are you the mom of Intuitive, Empathic or Psychic children?

Free tips from a Mom just like you! 

Join this supportive community of Intuitive Women & learn how to “level up” to be the best Mom for your amazing kids.  Connected Soul Healing

Channeled Empath Insights

Channeled Messages on “Being an Empath” laying new foundations of belief and other interesting wanderings!

Pleiadian and Lemurian perspectives revealed!
What do the Beings of Light have to say about being an Empath? 

Join Connected Soul Healing Facebook Group for Intuitive Women to watch live Q&A channeled messages, give intuitive advice and interact with Jenny Jo! Connected Soul Healing

Schedule a private Clairvoyant Reading with Jenny Jo – JennyClairvoyant.com

 Twistedsage Studios Provides Powerful And Affordable Energy Tools For Consciousness Shifting And Tensor Field Technology.

“Hello Jenny!

I have been feeling such a lovely freedom since our session. I also feel so much more balanced, top to bottom, and able to ground to the crystalline network in the earth. This work has been so helpful, and I thank you from my heart!”

~ Patricia

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Crystalline Energy Matrix? Get it here! 

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