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The Align Your Light
8-week Journey

*Working with Jenny is the best investment I have ever made in myself!

Each session has felt like a journey into self discovery. I felt held in the highest form of love and compassion possible, which allowed me to fully release all the old attachments, stories that no longer served me and baggage that were keeping me from living my fullest, highest potential.
Jenny gently peeled away all the old layers so I could feel my true self and move forward in all aspects of my life with deep inner clarity. The results of this work continue to benefit me on a daily basis as I use my new framework of worthiness to base all my life’s decisions on.
The Align Your Light Journey exercises and meditations are a wealth of information and wonderful resources I always have access to when I need additional support. One of my favorites is the Earth Bath Meditation, which I do regularly before bed to help me feel deeply grounded, supported, and peaceful.

*Jenny is always reminding us to feel gratitude while doing this work and the deepest gratitude I have is for Jenny herself, as one of the most incredible beings I have ever met.

~ Leah

What is your Soul’s Divine Purpose?

Most of us have questions about what our Soul’s purpose really is and why we are here on Earth at this time… so how do we figure that out?

I have been in that limbo so much of my life! When you read my story below, you will know how I finally got free of the invisible obstacles that were keeping me from “knowing” and more importantly keeping me from being brave enough to TRUST my ability to step into the “Clairvoyant-Healer shoes” that were mine all along. To CLAIM my whole amazing self and BE the one I knew in my deepest Soul knowing that I was born to be.

Hi Jenny,

I am doing well (much in part to you).  You suggested my headaches were my jaw and that I should see a chiropractor, which I did.  The chiropractor confirmed it and referred me to a dentist who did alternative dentistry and specialized in TMJ.  He made me a splint and I have been nearly headache-free since.  Thank you so much!!  There were other things as well, and when I followed your advice, I got results!  I am a believer!  Thanks again, Jenny and looking forward to our [next] visit.
~ Della

If you are looking for meaning in what you do and how you spend your Energy, you are in the right place.

If you are a go-getter, but feel that your efforts have been hijacked by unseen forces, you are in the right place.

If you are ready for the next amazing, inspired, productive part of you life, but have no idea what you are “supposed to” be doing, you are in the right place.

If you are entrenched in “have-to” activities, “supposed-to” obligations and relentless busy-ness that is “just my life right now,” maybe it is time to reassess. Maybe it is time to step back from it all and step into your Soul’s Light. Maybe right now is the perfect time to Align Your Light. Maybe you can allow yourself to believe that you are in the right place and NOW is your moment.

“I didn’t know how good I could feel… Literally, this weight on my chest is gone! I didn’t even realize it was there before our session, but when you brought it to my attention it felt so, so heavy and now it is completely gone! Look how big I am smiling – this [smile] is NOT going away!”

~ Terra

I know what it is like to feel lost. I know what it is like to spend all your energy on others and lament the fact that you don’t have enough time for your own needs… or not even allow yourself to HAVE personal needs!

I also know what it feels like to BE FREE of all that emotional exhaustion, overwhelming obligation and self-sacrificing martyrdom (while still being a GIVER!) – and I can help you get there, too!

Reach out right now – I’m here…
Let’s chat!  https://AlignYourLight.as.me/FreeChat
We’ll schedule a free chat to find you the best path forward into the amazing life that is waiting just around YOUR next bend!
xo Jenny Jo

I didn’t know what to expect from your 8-week Healing Journey, but I jumped right in and WOW! I didn’t realize I needed healing, but now I feel SO MUCH BETTER! 
It amazes me how much crap I was carrying around from my past and how my mind and body had adapted to it all so that I appeared to be ‘normal’. You opened the way for me to move forward. You gave me the tools I needed to jump off the edge and get started on my intuitive work – the livelihood that I know is going to be great for me. You also gave me tools to move forward in the rest of my life in a positive way – you gave me self-confidence! 
This should be a part of EVERYBODY’S LIFE! Thank you!


“All things are an expression of a moment in the vast flow of Energy.”

~ Jenny Jo Allen

Getting Free

From a 23-Year Psychic Attachment


Many people have asked me how I became a Clairvoyant Healer…

To answer that question, I have to tell you a story… my story, the story of how I finally freed myself from a 23 year psychic attack.

I’ve been highly sensitive, empathic and psychic my whole life. There is a certain sense of loneliness that goes with these gifts… an unspoken longing, “where are my people?” In college I met a few women who had some experience in the intuitive arts and that was a real eye-opener! Often Intuitive gifts can be alarming to adults in our culture, so I learned, as a child, to incorporate my abilities into my life in a non-threatening way. Until college, I didn’t really understand that what I “saw, knew and felt” was a gift that I could develop. After learning all I could from my college friends, I decided I needed a professional psychic school to learn how to use and grow my gifts, little did I know… my Soul’s path wasn’t about to just have a boulder thrown into it – it was getting Mt. Everest!

In 1990 I found a local Psychic Institute where I enrolled in their 3 year program to learn how to be a Psychic Reader. I was very excited! Unfortunately, my excitement turned to shame and confusion at the end of the very first 8 week course.

When I arrived for that last class I was whisked away into a large, dimly lit room and made to sit in a single folding chair that faced 5 folding chairs lined up in front of me. They said I had to have a “psychic cleansing” which I naively thought everyone in my class was going to get. I had never met the reverend, who entered after the 5 third-year students had taken their seats across from me. The students began to wave their hands around and do something they called “blowing roses” while the reverend paced behind them, loudly and forcefully accusing me of a whole string of malicious activities including trying to take over the class, and bringing an evil entity from a different Psychic Institute that was “trying to take over their church.” I was shocked, so I spoke up in defense of these ridiculous accusations! But each time I began to speak, the reverend cut across my words of defense with another horrible accusation until I finally gave up, incredibly… questioning my own innocence. I lowered my gaze to the hands in my lap, stopped speaking, and waited for it to be over. I never went back to that school/church, but unbeknownst to me, the damage had been done.


Ten years later, I was brave enough to go to a psychic I had seen around town. She told me I was a healer and I should take a Reiki class. I knew she was right, but who could I trust? Thankfully, I found a highly accomplished Reiki Master who was all about strict protocol and psychic safety, and I absolutely devoured every class she offered, becoming a Reiki Master myself after a year of hands-on study. I then did a year-long apprenticeship with my teacher to develop my Clairvoyant abilities and Medical Intuitive skills. After that, I tried to open my own Healing Practice, but although I had all the skills, really weird, creepy clients and unsafe situations kept coming up in my work. I had to stop offering healing to the public… I still wasn’t able to use my gifts!


In 2013, I still felt that my best gifts were being wasted. I had been working 50-100 hours a week in my Re-Fashioned Clothing business & hardly seeing my kids, but I was “living my dream…” at least that’s what everyone else thought. My adrenal glands were burned out & my family was a mess. I knew that I had to change my life, so I started looking at my past, desperately searching for the invisible “Mt. Everest” blocking my true path: the one I wanted so much that I hardly allowed myself to dream I could have, the psychic and healing work I was born to do.


In retrospect it seems obvious that I had been the victim of a psychic attachment, but I, like so many other sensitives like me, was an innocent. A trusting soul. The truth is there are predators of all kinds out there. That man, the reverend, knew exactly what he was doing. He picked out the biggest threat – the most powerful psychic in the bunch and attached a GIANT energy cord to her – to me. I had no idea. Even after 23 years, I still had no idea! Even after Mastery level Reiki training that included lots of healing on myself, I had no idea that my psychic energy was being syphoned off by that guy, every day. I knew it had been bad… that event… the most terrifying event of my life. So bad that I had told only 3 people about it in 23 years! But it wasn’t until I broke the invisible bonds that were blinding me, WILLED myself with my peripheral vision to see the hidden attachment, that I finally understood how bad it really was. I got help from another clairvoyant who called in the Arch Angel Michael and I watched as he cut that giant energy cord with one swipe of his mighty sword.


It was 4 in the afternoon when that dinner-plate sized cord was cut. As I watched the Angel cut that huge cord, the end of it began to fly around as the golden sparkling light spewed from it like a hose on full blast. I automatically spoke my intention for all the residual energy (MY energy) from that Energy Cord to be distributed into the Universe for the highest and best good of all and thanked the Arch Angel Michael. When I said goodbye to my Clairvoyant helper I was completely empty. I was shaking uncontrollably, so exhausted that I went to bed and slept nearly 15 hours until the next morning.

Weeks later I was invited to do 2 full days of healing work at a local Psychic Fair. I was surprised by the invitation and so excited! “How did you get my name and number?” I asked. “You were referred to us as a really good healer.” WHAT??? I hadn’t done healing work in YEARS! They explained that they had already closed the application period for the Psychic Fair but really wanted a healer and my name came up. Wow! Then they asked for my photo and Bio and included ME (??!!) as one of 2 psychics that they showcased in the local newspaper. I could hardly believe how easy this was! A month later I did more healing work in the 2 day psychic fair than I had in the past 10 years combined – it was SO amazing and fun – I was finally FREE!!!

In retrospect, I came to understand that there was a reason I couldn’t talk about that event or look at the energy cord. I learned that Energy Cords are formed by agreement, even if the one agreeing doesn’t realize they are agreeing.


During the interrogation I made some unintentional agreements: when I lowered my gaze I agreed to not look at the attachment, when I stopped defending myself with my voice I agreed to not talk about the attachment. It was so heavily shrouded by my agreements that even my amazingly competent teacher was unable to see that cord. After the cord was cut, there were two more healing sessions over the course of 2 years that were necessary to complete that process of freedom. But, I won.

I did it… I cleaned up my past. But it took a really long time! So, now I use my healing and guidance skills to empower intuitive women to do the same, but WAY FASTER! I have watched my client’s energy, health and passion for living become truly brilliant on their path to a life they love. I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to healing the healers & to proving that light is stronger than darkness by helping other Spiritual women strengthen their natural Intuition and overcome all of the energetic blockades that are holding them back from being able to live their Soul’s purpose.

Since then, I’ve been working full time as a Healer and Psychic, spoken in front of many groups and helped many beautiful people on their journey out of past trauma-reaction and into alignment with a relaxing and fulfilling life-path. Because of that work I have created The Align Your Light Journey™, an 8-week series of private and pre-recorded Trauma Healing Sessions, Mediations, Thinking Exercises & Empowering Tools that release the traumas we unknowingly bring into the present from our 3 pasts… this life’s past, our past-lives and our genetically inherited Ancestral past. The Align Your Light tools and sessions were created by me from not only my own experiences, but from the experience I have had with healing hundreds of clients every year. The Align Your Light Journey is specifically designed for women who are frustrated and SO DONE with feeling held back by invisible bonds… Intuitive women who desperately want to experience total freedom from their past… powerful women who can almost taste the sweet success of waking up excited and inspired every morning, but can’t quite get there on their own… women like you, who are ready to finally be able to fully access and live in alignment with your brilliant Soul’s free-flowing Light.


Are you ready? I can help…
Get on the phone with me https://AlignYourLight.as.me/FreeChat
We’ll schedule a free chat to find you the best path forward into the amazing life that is waiting just around YOUR next bend!
xo Jenny Jo


 Who are your clients?


I work with people just like you who are Highly Sensitive, Intuitive, Empathic, Old Souls. Women who are drawn to the Spiritual and Healing arts, who are feeling the call to embrace their Knowing. Women who feel held back by invisible bonds, health issues and circumstances. My clients want to know exactly how to get FREE of Ancestral and past-life trauma, as well as this-life’s energy blocks. I love working with women who are willing to fully engage with guided emotional release work that is necessary to overcome their mind-loops, fear-beliefs and stuck energy, so that they can finally live the life they were born to live, in alignment with their Soul Purpose.


  • Highly Sensitive Souls
  • Healers
  • Intuitive Women
  • Empaths
  • Old Souls
  • Action Takers
  • Astrologers
  • Meditation & Yoga Practitioners
  • Psychics
  • Mystics
  • Independent Thinkers
  • Starseeds
  • Indigos & Adult Crystal Children
  • Reiki Practitioners
  • Counselors & Therapists
  • Coaches
  • Health & Wellness Consultants
  • Massage Therapists
  • Holistic Practitioners
  • Creative and Spiritual Entrepreneurs
  • YOU


Now is a good time to reach out – I’m here to help…
Let’s chat!  https://AlignYourLight.as.me/FreeChat
We’ll schedule a free chat to find you the best path forward into the amazing life that is waiting just around YOUR next bend!
xo Jenny Jo

“I felt drawn immediately to Jenny’s humble yet powerful presence. Her words opened me to a very different and positive understanding of myself and my existence in the universe. Ever since, I have felt more open to receiving the love and connection around me, and I have felt “healed” in a sense that I didn’t even know I was missing. Much thanks to her for sharing her gift with humanity!”


What makes you different from other “Clairvoyant Healers” and “Intuitive Skills” Teachers?


Although I use Reiki Energy during one-on-one healing sessions and am gifted at investigating specific physical discomforts with my Medical Intuitive skills, you really have me as a Soul-Seer and Connection expert – Connecting you to YOU – your whole Soul Self activated with Angelic Codes of Light Language and channeled messages that come through just for you.
In my experience, the mind, body & Spirit actually ARE inseparable. Each aspect of our selves must come into alignment as a whole, so I simultaneously work in multiple “layers” of the Energy body & with multidimensional Beings of Light to Activate the Light Flow through Light Language Codes and messages, and to find and restore your pathways to complete and permanent healing of your whole being. Clearing unhealthy past-life agreements, energy cords, Spirit attachments, eliminating dis-empowering thought processes, and cleaning up the emotional and physical discomforts from this life, PLUS re-aligning you with your Soul Origins and Soul Path is what I do every day. Additionally, there are all sorts of UP-leveling Activations that come through this healing work, which you are in charge of – to expand them or not – you get to choose. All of that combined is what will get you the results you seek – the freedom to live in total alignment with your True Brilliance! What that means to you is that you get a results-oriented-Psychic-Empowerment-Guide meets Clairvoyant-Medical-Intuitive-Healing-Consultant.
I’m dedicated to your success in learning the Intuitive Skills you were born to embrace and to assisting you in reaching your whole-Soul healing goals as quickly and safely as possible. Because of my strong boundaries within the Spiritual Realm, you’ll always be protected and surrounded in unconditional love.
I’m concerned with how to get you FREE  – to help you STOP struggling and losing your energy and your power to people and situations that are sucking you dry, and to get you focused on ENJOYING your Beautiful Self & a life you really LOVE!
Contact me today to schedule a session, or to learn how to join The Align Your Light Flow Journey for your emotional health, peace of mind, and expanded FREEDOM. 
Want to schedule a FREE chat? Let’s chat!  https://AlignYourLight.as.me/FreeChat


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