Sweet Dreams Crystal Grid Kit ~ Activate Your Intentions For Peaceful Sleep




The Sweet Dreams Crystal Grid Kit helps protect you from sleep vulnerability and encourages the healing release of old emotional trauma.

The crystals in this kit were carefully selected to support the pure Energy needed to keep you feeling safe…
Clear Quartz in the center amplifies and anchors the light of your intentions
Blue Celestite is the gentle yet powerful stone of the Angels, wrapping you in feelings of calm, soothing safety
White Selenite purifies and keeps the energy flowing with high vibe positivity
Rainbow Tourmaline provides gentle emotional healing and relieves stress
Black Tourmaline keeps you tethered to your body so you can easily find your way back
Shungite is the most adaptable protector in the crystal world, transmuting toxic energy before it can even enter your energy field

Together, they generate the Energy of a safe haven for your bedroom so you can relax into a peaceful, rejuvenating sleep.

Why use a Crystal Grid?
Crystal Grids help us activate specific intentions. Those intentions direct the crystal’s power in specific ways to create a desired result.

Restfulness & Safety

If you feel vulnerable while you sleep or you have scary experiences in your dreams, it is wise to set up specific boundaries to protect your rest-time and create a sense of safety, peace, and even bliss in your dreams. This can be done by activating your intentions through the carefully chosen crystals in your Crystal Grid.
Each Crystal Grid Kit comes with:

1) All the crystals included in the sample picture

2) A 5 page PDF Instruction Guide including:

~ How to use Intention
~ How to recognize words that might derail your intentions
~ How to change fear into support
~ How to clear and charge your crystals
~ How to set up your grid based on your intentions
~ How to activate your crystal grid
~ How to work with your dreams

3) A 2 page PDF Crystal Meaning Guide including:

~ A picture of your grid crystals all set up
~ Full descriptions of the meanings of all the crystals in your grid and how they will assist you with your intentional dreaming.

Each kit is shipped within 3 days of your order via Priority US Mail to support our postal system.