Peridot Bracelet ~ Trust Your Heart




Are you beyond ready to shed the drama in your life? Add a Peridot stretch bracelet to your Crystal Medicine Manifesting practice.
Peridot comes from the fiery depths of Earth, so she knows how to temper high emotions! A master detox helper, Peridot is a perfect tonic for good health and deep inner peace.
In addition to healing properties, accessing your Soul Purpose is much easier with Peridot’s calming, heart-centered energies. As you let go of ego-centric behaviors such as jealousy, resentment, and spite, your Soul Purpose comes into calm focus, balancing your emotions, healing your endocrine system, and Aligning you with the brilliant Light that you came here to be!

Open your heart, shed your burdens, and embrace your purpose with Peridot.

While supplies last – shipped within 3 days of purchase, Priority Mail.