Labradorite – This Stone of Mystical Connection Opens Protected Pathways of Cosmic Communication and Vision – 2″ Sphere – Only ONE Left!




Labradorite is the stone of Courage, Communication, and Mystical Connection.

It brings strong protection while you journey ever further into higher consciousness and the Spiritual Realms.

Labradorite provides a direct connection with our Third Eye Chakra, aligning us to our higher purpose and helping us to see deeper, both externally and internally.

When we tap into that chakra, we are able to move through the world more consciously and to let go of old ideas that don’t support us anymore in favor of taking new and exciting paths that are more aligned with our true infinite purpose.

This is why Labradorite is always associated with shamanism, mysticism, and magic.

As a healer, Labradorite helps to restore lost energy after a draining event and is known as an ally for the respiratory system.

It is also an emotionally stabilizing stone thanks to its grounding, Earthy energy.

This is one-way Labradorite keeps you protected, no matter how high it invites your intuition to soar.

If you spend a lot of time in a Spiritual state (or WISH you did!), whether in meditation, in dreams, or in your daily intentional work, call on Labradorite to clarify your mind, protect your energy and assist your Intuitive connection.

I do have another beautiful Labradorite sphere that is a bit larger than this one – 2.5″ for $40 – text Jenny to inquire (360)643-1712.

Shipped priority mail within 3-5 days