Fossil Sea Urchins – Old-Soul Wisdom to Align & Harmonize Your Energy




Sea Urchins are truly ancient creatures, 488 million years on this planet!

All fossils hold ancient energy – a deep inner connection with our amazing Earth, but Urchins are ancient in Energetic ways, too… Old Souls, indeed!

The energy of their methodical ambulation, their balanced, calming energy, their smooth spikes and soft center all combine to help you tune in to your own inner Alignment, showing you ways to Harmonize your life.

When you are feeling confused and lost, choose Sea Urchin to help you connect with your innermost knowing and increase your intuitive perception.

When you are having trouble making decisions based on the information at hand, use Sea Urchin to help you with discernment.

When everything feels like chaos and drama, choose Sea Urchin to neutralize the “crazy” in your life.

Each of these natural colored fossils is polished on the top and on the bottom you can feel the rough ancient sand they were embedded in.

They fit comfortably in your palm and range in size from 2.5″ to 3.25″ ~ their weight will surprise you!

Shipped to US addresses only, via USPS Priority Mail, within 3-5 days.