FREE Reading Included with SIX Crystal Medicine Bracelets



Wear your Daily Medicine!

6 bracelets means 3 for each wrist or stack them all together for a super-powerful crystal cuff.

Want a FREE intuitive Crystal Medicine "pairing" to pair you with the most helpful crystals? You got it! Just follow the instructions below.

Every day I choose the crystal medicine I need to support my mood, my desires, or my challenges. You can do that, too!

These stretchy energy helpers feel comforting and add conscious attention to your day. They remind you to be mindful and to activate your intentions.

That means you spend more energy towards what you really WANT to manifest for yourself and your life, rather than falling into habitual patterns of resistance, confusion & overwhelm.

No matter what you’re working towards, I have the perfect combination for you.

Here’s how to get your FREE pairing:
1) add your desired quantity to the cart (each “1” you order gets you SIX bracelets)
2) after you check out send me an email...
3) tell me what you are struggling with &/or wanting to manifest, OR tell me what crystals you want if you already know.
4) I’ll send you the perfect Crystal Medicine mix ❤️

All orders are shipped Priority US mail within 3-5 days of receiving your order.