Amethyst Pendulum & Free Tutorial – Get Clear Answers




Your new Amethyst Pendulum now includes a BONUS video tutorial emailed to you when your order is submitted.
Pendulums are a great resource for tough decisions, and Amethyst is the perfect crystal to provide the best answer.
Pendulums have been used for thousands of years as a method of dousing. All you have to do is ask your pendulum “which way for yes?, which way for no?, and which way for maybe/I don’t know?” to set up your communication agreements.
Amethyst acts as an amplifier for your own higher knowing and that is exactly what your pendulum is tapping into when you are asking a question. Amethyst is also an amazing healer, so when you are asking questions about your mental, emotional, or spiritual health… even your most mundane questions will be asked through those “highest and best outcome” healing intentions.
Here are a few examples of what to use your pendulum for, but the possibilities are truly endless…
~ Test supplements for compatibility at the store before you buy
~ Test foods to make sure they are healthy for you
~ Ask about the intentions of people
~ Ask about the outcome of business deals
~ Find the best location to move to
~ Ask about large purchases
Whatever you are needing clarity on, an Amethyst pendulum is a great choice for tapping into your own higher knowing.
All orders are shipped Priority US mail within 3-5 days of receiving your order.